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The Hartwell <strong>Difference</strong>

The Hartwell Difference

At Hartwell Financial Strategies, we provide honest, practical advice to help you reach your financial goals while living life to the fullest. It isn’t just about numbers and spreadsheets; it’s about aligning your financial plan with your personality, passions, and values. So, whether you want to improve your current money situation or simply be more proactive about your future, we’ll help you get there.

<b>Can you relate?</b>

Can you relate?

You’ve worked hard all your life and pride yourself on being a good saver. Still, as you navigate a new or unexpected life event, you find yourself wondering how to secure your financial future while still enjoying the things you love most – like traveling, spending time with your kids, and spoiling your adorable grandkids. How do you balance managing your money and making meaningful memories?

The Results

The Hartwell <em>Difference</em>

Paid off 5 credit cards in just 10 months. 

Increased credit score by over 110 points.

Finally got her dream kitchen renovation.

Better understands her investments and has a clear path to retirement.

The Hartwell <em>Difference</em>

Lost his job during the pandemic.

Discovered how to retire early without fear of running out of money.

Was still able to achieve his dream of buying a hunting property.

Felt tremendous relief knowing he had options.

The Hartwell <em>Difference</em>

Divorced and feared she’d have to sell her dream house.

Realized she could keep it and put extra money towards her student loans.

Reduced her debt by nearly $8,000 and increased her net worth within 6 months, with no additional investments.

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