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Discover a friendlier side to financial planning.

<strong>Hi, I'm Anna Hartwell...Founder of Hartwell Financial<em> Strategies</em></strong>

Hi, I'm Anna Hartwell...Founder of Hartwell Financial Strategies

I know that talking about money can be uncomfortable, confusing, or even overwhelming at times, which is why we create a warm, welcoming environment for our clients. You can speak freely about your financial situation and the goals you have for your future, knowing we’ll always have your best interests at heart. 

Maybe you think that financial advisors just deal in numbers or “manage assets,” but at Hartwell Financial Strategies, we’re about so much more. We look out for you, protect you, and help guide you towards your dreams – focusing on your wealth in ALL areas of life, not just money. 

My story

I became a financial advisor in 2012. Before that, I spent 10 years as an executive assistant and another 10 years working in Purchasing at a major medical device manufacturer. 

When I began my career, I was given just one choice for medical benefits and retirement savings, and there was one person in the office who sat down face to face with me to explain everything. 

As technology evolved and benefits became more complicated, I noticed that most people didn’t understand their choices, weren't taking advantage of everything their plans had to offer and were choosing benefits that weren't best suited for their needs. 
Instead of receiving personal guidance, employees were given a 1-800 number to reach someone who knew nothing about them. Or, they were directed to a website loaded with information that left them even more confused.

I realized that people needed a more customized approach to their finances – an expert who could help them make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

That’s why I became a financial advisor … 

To help my clients replace confusion with clarity. I love to educate people on their finances in a way that feels good to them – ditching the jargon and turning complicated terms into relatable and inspiring conversations. 

Sound refreshing? I’ll help you move from a place of fear and uncertainty to knowing you can create whatever financial future you dream of. No money challenge is insurmountable and every goal is achievable!

Our Client Results Speak for Themselves

Client Centered

Accomplished business owner with no financial education.

Received a significant inheritance and feared she wouldn’t manage it correctly.

Spent money freely with no idea of her business and living expenses.

Now she comfortably pays her bills, enjoys life, and is confident she put her inheritance to good use.

Client Centered

Simplified their life by consolidating inherited accounts and organizing information to pass on to the next person.

Better understood their options and received all their life insurance after losing both parents 2 months apart.

Have a plan and a paycheck to last a lifetime, and comfortably live without the fear of running out of money.

Client Centered

Were concerned about the recent ups and downs of the market and wanted to put their money in cash.

Reviewed their financial plan and realized they were already prepared for downturns.

When the market recovered, they took money out for home renovations without affecting their retirement.

Felt grateful they had someone to help them during an unsettling time. Now they have their retirement AND their home renovations!

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