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Financial Planning to support your full and joyful life.

<b>Get that &#8220;I feel good about my future&#8221; feeling.</b>

Get that “I feel good about my future” feeling.

Imagine if thinking about your financial future no longer caused you stress or left a giant question mark in your mind. Instead, picture having complete clarity about how to manage your money in alignment with your ideal lifestyle. How great would it be to step into retirement or navigate another big life event with absolute confidence?

Wondering if our financial planning services are right for you? That’s a YES if you fall into any of these scenarios …

You’re preparing for retirement.

After years of receiving a steady paycheck, you’re looking ahead to your glory years and want to retire with comfort, ease, and enjoyment.

You’ve experienced a major life event.

You’ve gone through a divorce, experienced the death of a spouse/significant other, or have welcomed a new baby into the family and are feeling the financial pressure. 

You can't figure out where your money is going.

You make a good income and feel like you’re responsible with your money. So why can’t you seem to afford those big items on your wish list? 

You feel burdened by debt.

Maybe it’s student loans, boat or car expenses, hefty house payments, or credit card debt. You know that the sooner you can break free from it, the lighter you’ll feel! 

No matter what life stage you’re at … 
Anything is possible when you've partnered with the right financial advisor. 

Let’s Work Together

Note: While most of our sessions are done virtually, we also offer in-person meetings for clients based in the Raleigh, NC area


4-Hour VIP Strategy Session: Articulating your financial goals + devising a clear, customized plan to meet them.

This package is a fun and efficient way to kickstart your better financial future in just one day. A week before your VIP session, we’ll hop on a 1-hour call to get to know each other and discuss your ideal outcome. 

Then, during your 4-hour VIP session, we’ll get down to the strategy portion so you can receive financial advice that’s tailored to YOU and your lifestyle. You’ll walk away with a written plan that you can start implementing right away. 

Lastly, a week after your VIP session, we’ll follow up with you to see how you’re doing, answer any questions, and help keep you on track. 

Your VIP session includes: 

  • Goal setting
  • Debt elimination plan
  • Budget evaluation
  • Savings evaluation
  • 30-day trial access to your personal secure website 
  • A written plan to eliminate debt, tackle your goals, and spend your money with intention

Investment: $3,500 ($1,750 deposit due when booking)


VIP Financial Planning Packages

Our signature Prosperity Program provides a more comprehensive deep dive into your finances to help you increase your personal wealth and achieve your optimal lifestyle.

Depending on your unique needs and the complexity of your situation, we’ll recommend one of three tiers: Hartwell Prosperity Builder, Hartwell Premier Prosperity, or Hartwell Executive Prosperity

These programs include varying levels of support, but all address goal setting, debt management, budgeting, identifying opportunities to improve cash flow and savings, tax planning, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Each package is highly customized and will empower you with a new financial roadmap.  

Investment: Starting at $3,500.

Our Values


Being honest and open in everything we do.


Always acting in the best interest of our clients.


Seeing people and their dreams before the numbers.


Q: What makes Hartwell Financial Strategies different from other financial advisors? 

A. Our approach always puts you and your values first. Yes, it’s about helping you grow your monetary wealth. But it’s also about ensuring you maintain a life that brings you joy. For many of our clients, that means having the security to take care of loved ones, spending more time with family, donating to worthy causes, or enjoying their favorite hobbies. Whatever lights you up inside will be at the center of the financial plan we create for you! 

Q: I’m heading into retirement and already keep track of my savings and expenses in an Excel spreadsheet. Isn’t that enough?

A. Truthfully, there’s so much more to the big picture than that. We’ll show you how your savings will turn into income to help you cover all the expected and unexpected expenses in retirement. We’ll also help you balance that fine line of keeping up your desired lifestyle and running out of money too early. 

Q: How do your clients feel after working with you? 

A. They often say they sleep better at night, knowing their money is being taken care of by trusted professionals. Many of them go from a place of overwhelm and confusion to feeling relieved and excited about their financial future.

Q: Do I need to have money problems to work with you? 

A. Not at all! Some of our clients come to us to improve their money situations and some come because they've reached a point in their life where they want to start making decisions for their future. This could be tied to an event like marriage, a new baby, a divorce, a job change, or retirement.

Q: If I’m concerned about money, can I really afford to pay for a financial advisor?

A. Great question! A common misconception is that working with a financial advisor is expensive. However, our goal is to help you far exceed the value of what you pay in fees. Having a professional who can look objectively at your finances can also save you an extraordinary amount of money by helping you avoid mistakes and guiding you in the right direction. 

Not sure which package is right for you? 

Let’s hop on a free, no-obligation call and go from there!

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