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Anna Hartwell

Starting over after loss or divorce is scary. You’re in unknown territory. Outside of the emotional struggles you now face, you have questions and concerns about your financial life that are beyond overwhelming.

I completely understand.

After dealing with this challenge myself, I made the decision to step up as a financial advisor specializing in working with those who are now forced to navigate a new money map. My desire to do this in a genuine and compassionate way moved me to build a personal wealth program that I call The Prosperity Program. Not only does The Prosperity Program help people find security in creating a new financial roadmap; it empowers them to start over with confidence, curiosity, and courage.

I am the outgoing president of WBOC (Women, Business, Opportunities, Connection), an organization that encourages and inspires women to take bold, brave steps in their personal and professional development. I bring those same, empowering belief systems to the table with you to help guide you toward the new life you want to build.

Together, we don’t just build new financial plans, we build strong, empowering mindsets. We talk about incorporating financial and personal shifts that make you feel liberated and understood. After all, we’re the same, no matter who we are, where we come from, or what we’ve struggled with. Today is your day, and it would be my pleasure to help you move into your new day with renewed strength and power.